Posted in Drug Free on 三月 15, 2012

What To Wear To Camp

* Hiking Shoes / Weather-Appropriate Footwear and socks
* Weather-Appropriate Pants (ie. rain pants)
* Uniform Shirt with Neckerchief
* Weather-Appropriate Outer Shell (ie.rain jacket)
* Headgear (ie. toque, hat)

What To Pack
* Sleeping Bag (suggested rating -10C minimum)
* Sleeping Mat
* Toiletry Kit (ie. toothbrush, face towel, hygiene products, etc.)
* Gloves
* Eating Utensils (ie. fork, spoon, bowl, cup, etc.)
* Flashlight (with extra batteries)
* Water Bottle
* Change of Clothes (suggested one set per day)
* Extra Garbage Bags

Optional Items
* Healthy Snacks
* Rope
* Multi-tool (ie. Swiss Army Knife)
* Matches / Fire Starters



* Do NOT bring/ wear jeans to camp
* Do NOT bring anything fragile to camp
* Place all your clothing into plastic bags prior to putting into your camping bag
* Bring at least 1.5+ changes of clothes per day at camp ifwet weather is expected
* Avoid cotton materials if possible
* If medication is required, please place in a plastic bag along with instructions and label with your name. Hand this to your leader or camp first aider as soon as possible.