Posted in Uncategorized on 五月 12, 2011
Imagine a reunion of hundreds of your closest friends. That was the scene on Friday May 6th, 2011 as people gathered for Integration Youth Services Society 2011 Annual Fundraising Dinner. The theme of this year was "Drug Free World" — To Create A Drug-Free Community. Amidst the delicious banquet prepared by the Continental Seafood Restaurant at Richmond, people reconnected and listened closely to the stories of participants from our Drugs-Free Project. Our friend  AJ — Amire Javidand and one of his group memeber, as our very special guests to share their personal experiences on drug addiction – their stories had undoubtedly brought a huge impact on our guests as well as on government officials who attended the dinner.
Invited guests also viewed some of the slides created by our Drugs-Free and Personal Growth Group that brought to life the journeys of all participants of our meaningful programs. Everyone enjoyed the night’s programs and prizes that were carefully planned and prepared solely by our youth members. Their efforts were a poignant reminder of the impact of our mission.
Proceeds of approximately $8,000 from the Dinner will help support the services provided by our organization. Our heartiest thanks to sponsors, volunteers, guests and our honourable performer– Raymond Sham for your friendship and support. We cannot wait to see you all again next year – let us amaze you with what devoted youths can accomplish!