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We are glad to invite Bosco Poon to share his story to youths at IYSS.

Bosco Poon’s choice to pursue gang involvement landed him in prison, right where God was waiting for him.

B.O.Z was once locked up behind bars and lost all hope. Here’s a story that tells us the events that took place, and the outcomes that followed. It’s an inspiring life changing miracle.

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Presented by Mustard Seed Children Theatre
Organized by The Integration Youth Services Society
Sponsored by Promenade Bros Productions Ltd.

Date: March 25, 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Promenade Bros Studio

(#3125-8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond V6X 3Z8)

Ticket: $5


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What To Wear To Camp

* Hiking Shoes / Weather-Appropriate Footwear and socks
* Weather-Appropriate Pants (ie. rain pants)
* Uniform Shirt with Neckerchief
* Weather-Appropriate Outer Shell (ie.rain jacket)
* Headgear (ie. toque, hat)

What To Pack
* Sleeping Bag (suggested rating -10C minimum)
* Sleeping Mat
* Toiletry Kit (ie. toothbrush, face towel, hygiene products, etc.)
* Gloves
* Eating Utensils (ie. fork, spoon, bowl, cup, etc.)
* Flashlight (with extra batteries)
* Water Bottle
* Change of Clothes (suggested one set per day)
* Extra Garbage Bags

Optional Items
* Healthy Snacks
* Rope
* Multi-tool (ie. Swiss Army Knife)
* Matches / Fire Starters



* Do NOT bring/ wear jeans to camp
* Do NOT bring anything fragile to camp
* Place all your clothing into plastic bags prior to putting into your camping bag
* Bring at least 1.5+ changes of clothes per day at camp ifwet weather is expected
* Avoid cotton materials if possible
* If medication is required, please place in a plastic bag along with instructions and label with your name. Hand this to your leader or camp first aider as soon as possible.

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Please join us to support Personal Growth 2011 scholarship project

Our goal is to improce education in rural China, and this year we are launching a project to provide students with an opportunity and a chance. The IYSS is creating a scholarship to fully sponsor a class for first-year senior high students to attend for a year. The estimated cost for this project will be $42,000 CND and the IYSS needs your help raising the funds needed to make this possible.

Date: Nov. 10th, 2011 (Thursday)

Venue: Shiang Garden Restaurant (4540 No. 3 Road, Richmond)

Reception: 6:00PM

Dinner: 6:30PM

Ticket: $45

All net profit goes to Personal Growth 2011-Scholarship Project

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