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Imagine a reunion of hundreds of your closest friends. That was the scene on Friday May 6th, 2011 as people gathered for Integration Youth Services Society 2011 Annual Fundraising Dinner. The theme of this year was "Drug Free World" — To Create A Drug-Free Community. Amidst the delicious banquet prepared by the Continental Seafood Restaurant at Richmond, people reconnected and listened closely to the stories of participants from our Drugs-Free Project. Our friend  AJ — Amire Javidand and one of his group memeber, as our very special guests to share their personal experiences on drug addiction – their stories had undoubtedly brought a huge impact on our guests as well as on government officials who attended the dinner.
Invited guests also viewed some of the slides created by our Drugs-Free and Personal Growth Group that brought to life the journeys of all participants of our meaningful programs. Everyone enjoyed the night’s programs and prizes that were carefully planned and prepared solely by our youth members. Their efforts were a poignant reminder of the impact of our mission.
Proceeds of approximately $8,000 from the Dinner will help support the services provided by our organization. Our heartiest thanks to sponsors, volunteers, guests and our honourable performer– Raymond Sham for your friendship and support. We cannot wait to see you all again next year – let us amaze you with what devoted youths can accomplish!


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Date :   May 6, 2011, Friday at 6:30 p.m.
Location :   Continental Seafood Restaurant (#150 – 11700 Cambie Road, Richmond)
Ticket Price :   $58 / $88 VIP

Ticket Purchase / Donation / Sponsorship Forms


Dear Friends of IYSS,

International Youth Week is a celebration of youth held annually during the first week of May.
You are cordially invited to our Sixth Annual Fundraising Dinner on May 6, 2011, Friday at 6:30 p.m.,
which will be held at Continental Seafood Restaurant (#150 – 11700 Cambie Road, Richmond).
Our theme this year will be “Drug Free World”. There will be a feature presentation from the young
people who participate in “The Canadian Youth Drugs Free Project”. Plus, a group of young people who
returned from one of the Youth Leadership Project: the Life Experience Program “Personal Growth &
“Build A School Project” to China in December 2010.

IYSS has been self-financed since 2002 through user fees and the generous donations from our members
and sponsors. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 so that we can continue our existing services and
expand our services scope for the coming year. Your kind presence and support at our Fundraising Dinner
will help IYSS to better serve the young people in our community.

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"The Forbidden Phoenix"

Date: April 12, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Gateway Theatre
Price: $68 / VIP $100

Info Enquiry: Esther HO 1.604.8058833

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By Eve Edmonds, Richmond News February 2, 2011

In a show of unity, representatives from the RCMP, the City of Richmond, the Richmond School District and Scout Canada showed support for a new initiative aimed at helping kids stay off drugs.

The Canadian Youth Drug-Free Project, the brain child of the Integrated Youth Services Society (IYSS), will see a group of students from Hong Kong visit Grade 8 and 9 students in Richmond to talk about drugs.

And the visiting teens know what they’re talking about. All are former drug addicts currently attending Christian Zheng Sheng College, a one-of-a-kind accredited high school in Hong Kong. Its students are all referrals from social workers and the judicial system.

"It is an extremely successful program," said Esther Ho, executive director of IYSS.

Before immigrating to Canada, Ho was a social worker in Hong Kong and worked with many youth who attended the school.

"Their success rate for keeping kids off drugs is very high."

Moreover, the school has an excellent academic program, making employers eager to hire its graduates, said Ho.

The combination of academics and drug treatment makes the school unique as does the fact students and staff all live on the campus, creating an cohesive, supportive environment.

While there is no such school here, the concept of integration is well understood to be fundamental in helping kids make healthy choices, said Const. Tammy-Lyn Walker, a Richmond RCMP officer who runs the D.A.R.E program in Richmond’s elementary schools.

D.A.R.E. teaches Grade 5 students about what drugs can do to one’s body, but more importantly it coaches them in how to make positive decisions.

By while cops in schools can help some kids stay on track, for others the message hits closer to home when it’s coming from a peer, which is why Ho thinks the Drug-Free Project, in which kids who have been there and back, talk to local students, will be effective.

"This is our hope that through their stories, the tragedy of what can happen when dealing with drugs, and the testimonies of coming out of that lifestyle can be a positive influence and inspiration to the teenagers (here.)"

The youth will be in Richmond for two weeks from Feb. 12-27. In that time they will speak with various school and Scout groups.

Helping youth stay clean, however, isn’t done just by telling them what not to do. It’s also done by providing positive things to do, said Krista Germyn, a leader with the city’s youth services department.

Richmond trustee Chak Au said the same is for parents, it’s not just about tell your kids not to do drugs, it’s about being engaged in their lives.

Airfare for the students will be paid for by their school, while IYSS will cover their costs while here.

© Copyright (c) Richmond News

The Canadian Youth Drugs-Free Project press conference with, from left, Peter Ng (Scouting Canada), Sgt. Anthony Choy and Const. Tammy Walker (RCMP), Esther Ho (IYSS), Chak Au (school trustee) and Krista Germyn (City of Richmond.) Photograph by: CHUNG CHOW, RICHMOND NEWS

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鑑於有調查顯示11%大溫青少年吸毒,一個青少年綜合服務組織與皇家騎警聯同多家構構,合辦加拿大青年無毒品計劃,邀請專輔導青少年戒毒的香港正生書院18師生到訪大溫,與本地學生及家長交流;並向社工服務界,推介像正生書院這種全方位的輔導服務。    主辦機構加拿大青年領袖中心(IYSS)及騎警毒品及幫派認知服務部門(DOCAS),聯同協辦團體烈治文教育局、烈治文市政府及加拿大童軍等代表,周二在烈治文召開記者會。


左起:蔡本傑、吳文傑、皇家騎警代表沃克(Tammy-Lyn Walker)、烈市府代表傑曼(Krista Germynï¼‰ã€å€æ¾¤å…‰èˆ‡ä½•è©©éŸ»ï¼Œåˆä½œæŽ¨å‹•åŠ æ‹¿å¤§é’å¹´ç„¡æ¯’å“è¨ˆåŠƒã€‚

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Canadian Youth Drugs Free Project – schedule

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