IYSS is a government registered non-profit organization serving young people and their families in Canada. Our approach is to facilitate self-help through providing integrated and holistic services in the areas of education, personal growth, community outreach, and cultural and recreational activities.

Introduction of Canadian Youth Drugs-Free Project

The Integration Youth Services Society (IYSS) and The ‘E’ Division RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS) is hosting a “Canadian Youth Drugs-Free Project” , in partnership with  Richmond School District, City of Richmond and Richmond Community Assessment And Action Network (CAAN) invited a small delegation of high school students from Christian Zheng Sheng College to spend two weeks attending an inter-cultural, anti-drugs campaign in Vancouver BC.

This event is orchestrated as a component of the Richmond Community Prevention Education Continuum focusing on the grade 8 and 9 students within the RCMP drug prevention strategy framework.

This project also fully supported by Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie and MLA Linda Reid.

The Christian Zheng Sheng College is operated by Christian Zheng Sheng Association Limited was founded to help drug addicts in 1985. The Christian Zheng Sheng College is a high school accredited with the Hong Kong government education authorities since 1998. Students are referred by social workers and the judicial court. It specializes in providing academic and vocational instruction as well as treatment and rehabilitation to students with a history of drug abuse.  The institution is widely recognized in Hong Kong for its success in providing a caring environment that helps troubled youths overcome their problems and go on to lead happy lives as productive members of the community.

The purposes of this project are two folds. Firstly, we would like to provide an opportunity for the select group of Hong Kong students to enlarge their worldview, to enrich their cultural sensitivity in a North American setting. Secondly, since these group of student all come from many different backgrounds, with many hardships and worldly experiences, this is our hope that through their stories, the tragedy of what can happen when dealing with drugs, and the testimonies of coming out of that lifestyle can be an positive influence and inspiration to the teenagers in North American areas.

The focus of each our components will be to keep teenagers drug-free in our community. Enhance nonuse or abstinence, helping young people refuse drugs and delay the first onset, esp of legal drugs, tobacco and alcohol. IYSS and DOCAS will held a series of activities and conferences, let the delegation share with community groups and schools talking to teenagers/parents about the effects of drugs in their lives.

The delegation would like to visit Greater Vancouver from Feb 12 – 27, 2011.

If further information is necessary, you may feel free to contact Esther Ho, Chair of Canadian Youth Drugs Free Project by email estherho@iyss.org

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Esther Ho

Executive Director

The Integration Youth Services Society

Chairman of  Canadian Youth Drugs-Free Project

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